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Over 3 Million in livelihood funds released to a Cebu City-based barangay


Cebu City, Philippines.  Amid the implementation of priority programs in response to the negative impact of the pandemic, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE-7) last week managed to finally turn-over livelihood funds to a Cebu City-based barangay.

Barangay Captain Sergio S. Ocana of Barangay Sawang Calero and other barangay officials personally claimed at the DOLE Regional Office the check amounting to a total of Php3,087,428.00.

According to Chief Emmanuel Y. Ferrer of the DOLE Tri-City Field Office (TCFO), the assistance was supposed to be released earlier this year and said, “It is already long overdue. Our livelihood team has made it priority but recent developments hindered us to focus on the usual programs and projects for implementation more particularly on the livelihood program.”

More than 100 identified vendors, home-based drivers, senior citizens, small transport drivers and other low wage income earners in Barangay Sawang Calero will benefit the assistance, where each one will receive individual livelihood starter kits (LSKs) worth of Php20,000.00.

Under the Individual Projects category of the DOLE Integrated Livelihood and Emergency Employment Program (DILEEP), beneficiaries can avail of Individual Starter Kits or Negosyo sa Kariton (Nego-Kart) of up to a maximum financial assistance of Php20,000.00 depending on the project requirements.

Sawang Calero, according to Barangay Captain Ocana is one of the most densely populated urban barangays in Cebu City, where various business establishments, schools, government offices and other establishments are located.

“We saw this as an opportunity for our constituents to take advantage of since most of the residents in our place largely depend on instant food and services. This livelihood assistance will be a big help for us,” said Ocana, who thanked the DOLE for the release of the assistance despite the big demand that its priority programs in response to COVID-19 entail. Beneficiaries, he said, will be mostly vending food and other basic commodities.

LGU Sawang Calero, being a partner of DOLE, will take charge in constant monitoring and evaluation of activities of beneficiaries once their livelihood projects start.

“As of now, we might have some difficulties in going through the usual process of the implementation of the projects of beneficiaries due to the challenges that all of us are now facing. The kick-off of their projects might be delayed for a while until it is already safe to conduct canvassing and procurement of materials, jigs and other tools required by their individual livelihood projects,” said DOLE-7 Regional Director Salome O. Siaton.

As a requirement, Barangay Sawang Calero, being a proponent of the initiative, shelled out more than Php900,000.00 as counterpart or equity. It will cover the construction of some structures needed by beneficiaries as well as the supervision and monitoring activities.

“After the enhanced community quarantine is lifted and when all things are already back in place, by the power of our God Almighty, the Department of Labor and Employment will be back focusing on its flagship programs, projects and activities and topping the list is the implementation of the livelihood or Kabuhayan program,” the DOLE-7 Head finally said.





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