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Installation of the Voluntary Code of Good Practices in Key Industry

Sarrosa Hotel, Cebu City—Labor and Management groups of the key industries in Metro Cebu met each other yesterday at the Sarrosa Hotel, Cebu City to enact their very own Code of Good Practices at their respective industries with the theme, “Setting the Milestone in the Industries”. Industry from educational institution, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Hotels and Restaurants including Tourism participate the call. Each industry thru representation from management and labor is given the freedom to create an agreement among them regarding conditions of work and settlement of disputes within the establishment.

DOLE-7 Regional Director, Elias A. Cayanong said that he was very glad that after several consultation from the leaders of labor groups and heads of management team of each industry, the idea of free agreement among employer and employees was very much welcome by the concern industries. “Following our campaign in stressing tripartism among labor, management and government authority, this new milestone appears to be the realization of all. Management and labor may now set down in the table and consult each other to resolve whatever problems they may have. It is not necessary any more to settle the matters in judicious way, by creating their very own Code of Good Practices, they (industry) will be guided by their principles”, the director added. 

During the presentation, deliberation and the signing proper of each Code of Good Practices, the said event was duly attended by representatives from the concern industry. From the education sector, Rev. Fr. Edu Ventic as vice-chair for management with his counterpart Dr. Purita del Rosario the union president of Cebu Institute of Medicine (CIM). Ms. Sheila Sepulvida of Mactan Shangrila as vice-chair for management with Ms. Michelle Paro of Cebu City Sports Club on the laborers side, the two representing the Hotels, Restaurants and Tourism industry. From BPO-ICT industry, represented by Ms. Joyce Casenas of Aegis People Support, the vice-chair for management with her counter-part from labor, Ms. Mae Lagasca of Lexmark. Of course, members of the respective Tripartite Councils for the each industry likewise participated the event. Under-Secretary for Labor Relations, Usec. Hans Leo Cacdac during his message stated that, he was very pleased the good news that tripartism in Region VII, particularly in Metro Cebu is still alive. “This is good news because it will reflect as investment advertisement that Metro Cebu is a business hub in the country”, the secretary said.

“It has been our campaign following the 22-point labor and employment agenda of Pres. Aquino III, to materialize ideas to promote industrial peace all over the country. The most important is tripartism where labor and management is given the freedom to set rules and standard in consonance with the provision of law”, the secretary added. He furthermore announced that Pres. Aquino III is intending to issue an Executive Order for Tripartism as this was omitted at the time of the previous administration. During the signing proper of each Code of Good Practices, representative from the respective Industrial Tripartite Council for concern industries deliver the highlights of the improve agreement between management and employees before the Honorable Secretary of Labor. Sec. Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz and Usec. Hans Leo Cacdac together with DOLE-7 Regional Officials.

Atty. Pacqueo represented the education sector in lieu of Fr. Ventic to deliver the highlights of their Code of Good Practices. “We have uplifted the moral for every teacher in our institution by this Code, while we are also asking their commitments to help the schools grow”, Atty. Pacqueo said. Ms. Sheila Sepulveda delivers the highlights of the Code of Good Practices of the Hotels, Restaurants and Tourism industry, saying that labor standards laws is just the starting point of their agreement. It is our desire to give more benefits to our employees for their hardships in cooperating our establishment grow and strong despite unwanted social events.  On the BPO-ICT industry, tandem presentation was made by Ms. Joyce Casenas and Ms. Mae Lagasca before Sec. Baldoz. “Because we are unique industry with unique working groups of individual, our agreement in the Code of Good Practices for BPO-ICT is likewise unique to suit with the demands of the industry”, Ms. Casenas said. “The BPO-ICT industry grabbed this opportunity to thank Sec. Baldoz for her support in promoting the growth of the industry in approving the petition for work schedules especially among women”, Ms. Casenas added.  Before the crowd, Sec. Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz stressed the importance of Social Partnership among management and labor. “The Department of Labor and Employment is not primarily concern with issuance of orders but we are here to hear your orders and guide you management and labor of your intention towards social partnership” Sec. Baldoz said. 

She furthermore announced that, Pres. Benigno C. Aquino III is serious of his commitment towards “tuwid na daan” in creating his 22-point labor and employment agenda. “The President is focusing on job generation by producing high calibre human resource to attract investors in the country. It is our desire that prospective and resident investors will pour more of their capital and stay longer in our country”, Sec. Baldoz added. 

“Because Central Visayas particularly here in Metro Cebu has the high quality resources of human labor, it is no doubt that the region is one of the top most in the investor’s list for their investment. I believed Metro Cebu is a business hub in the country” Sec. Baldoz said hearing the news that the Philippines surpassed India in BPO industry. The Secretary of Labor gladly welcomed this great milestone in Philippine Industry. “By this idea of enacting your own Code of Good Practices investors will be coming in and stay. Your commitment to uphold by principle by what is provided in your code will build confidence on the part of the investors. It is that I am glad that you already materialized your ideas in promoting industrial peace among your industry by yourself”, Sec. Baldoz said.  

The Secretary even challenge the industry present at the activity to present their needs to the Department of Labor and Employment what kind of help do they want from the government and assured that the department and its attached agencies will always be there to extend support. Quoting from the statement of His Excellency, Sec. Baldoz said that the President never forget that the Filipino people are always been his “Boss”. We are now fortunate because we are now free to dream a country with no more sufferings due to poverty. Sec. Baldoz likewise announced that the creation of the Tripartite Efficiency and Integrity Board to fight corruption within the Department of Labor and Employment is a great innovation to gain the trust and confidence of the public. “The President is also serious of its campaign towards “tuwid na daan”  in terms of eliminating corruption in government”, Sec. Baldoz said. 


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