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DOLE’s open communication with business sector lauded

Cebu City, Philippines. “This is the first time in the Cebu Chamber of Commerce history that the DOLE and the Chamber have direct communication this close,” Felix Taguiam, Cebu Chamber of Commerce (CCCI) President, candidly said when asked about the kind of linkage that their group has established with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE-7).

Taguiam, elected CCCI President since February 24, 2020, is one of the active members of an online messaging group that the DOLE created together with Cebu Provincial Board Member Glenn Soco.

“I would say it’s worth it, because all of us never had a handbook on this covid crisis.  The chat group will give the businesses a chance to communicate and express problems for solutions,” he said.

Apart from Taguiam, also taking active participation in the new online communication platform are members of the Mandaue City Chamber of Commerce Inc.; Hotel Resort and Restaurant Association of Cebu (HRRAC); Industry Tripartite Council in Construction (ITC-Construction); Industry Tripartite Council in Wholesale and Retail (ITC-Wholesale and Retail); and the Provincial Board of Cebu Province represented by Provincial Board Member Glenn Soco.

Taguiam, a seasoned businessman for more than 40 years, owns DECO SALES, INC. that provides automotive servicing, automotive car air-conditioning, transport refrigeration for the cold chain facilities, trading and logistics. Having felt the pinch of times because of the pandemic, he said that during the declaration of GCQ in August, it was hard for his business to adapt to the new norm. “IT was a challenge. We could not also easily figure out how to social distance workers repairing a car but we have to learn the hard day,” he said.

He added that they had to do scheduling of clients repair in the shop and redo the office set-up in order to adapt to the safety protocols provided by the DOLE and DTI.  “We have to discipline everyone in terms of wearing masks, observing social distancing and washing of hands.”

Some of the best practices demonstrated in their workplace involved the conduct of regular rapid testing; the use of QR code scanning for contact tracing; and the adaption of flexible work arrangements like rotation of workers so that others will have a chance to work as well. “For our staff at the Human Resource and Accounting Departments, they are allowed to work from home that’s why we’ve invested on purchasing laptops and wifi gadgets for portability,” he continued.

Taguiam said that the accessibility of DOLE is made easier thru constant and open communication and the webinars and online meetings that Director Siaton initiated are a big help.

Dubbed as covid president by CCCI members, he said that it’s a challenging job. “No one ever predicted this pandemic and most definitely, it created havoc to the whole industry. But we are relieved because we get to reach out and talk to the right people in government like in the DOLE, whom we could turn to and seek assistance from especially during this crisis,” he continued.

DOLE-7 Regional Director Salome O. Siaton expressed her appreciation to Mr. Taguiam and to the rest of the business groups in Cebu, who have understood the importance of dialogue and who have tried their best in promoting the safety and health of workers in their workplaces. “Their feedback is a tool we can definitely use at the Department to be able to improve the way we carry things out and to be able to better the way we deliver our programs and services,” she said, adding that before anything escalates into disputes, there is an online platform made available where everyone involved could express concerns and offer solutions.

The Regional Director commended Taguiam for the best practices that he instituted in his own company and urged other establishments to also replicate the same in their respective workplaces.

Being the Chamber President, Taguiam said, “We have lived with the virus under this new norm.  We have to adapt to change. It’s hard on the first few weeks but little by little, I could now see some changes.  As we see more and more businesses opening, all the more that we have to be careful and religiously follow and observe the safety and health protocols provided.  Businesses cannot afford another lockdown,” he finally said.




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