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Farmers in a far-flung area in Negros Oriental receive almost One Million Pesos livelihood aid from

Cebu City, Philippines. A group of farmers in a distant and remote barangay in Negros Oriental became the latest recipients of the Livelihood program of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE-7) after receiving close to a Million Pesos in livelihood funds.

The beneficiaries, who are members of the Kampo Farmers Association in Barangay Mayabon, Zamboanguita, received Php979,350.00 from the DOLE.

According to DOLE Negros Oriental Field Office Head Marites G. Mercado, the recipients will be using the funds for their Carabao Dispersal and Farm Inputs Project, an undertaking, which she said will provide the farmers with working animals and other tools to cultivate their farms.

Zamboanguita, a 4th class municipality in Negros Oriental is one of the areas in the province, where farming is a common livelihood activity of the constituents.

Reagan Morato, association president, said that with the assistance they received from the DOLE, they expect to reduce their cost of production and increase farm income as they will now have the right tools and equipment to use. With a realistic projection, he added, there is positive rate of return on their project.

“The funds released to the beneficiaries shall be used exclusively for the implementation of the project. The association, being the accredited co-partner of the Department in the implementation of said livelihood undertaking, will take charge in the canvassing and procurement of the tools, jigs, and materials needed. More importantly, they should make sure that the liquidation of funds would be in place,” added Director Siaton.

As part of the social preparation of beneficiaries, the DOLE provided them with technical support such as project proposal write shops, organizational training and project management training.

The DOLE-7 Head cautioned the beneficiaries to refrain from unnecessary bickering as the same is the common cause for some livelihood projects to not last long.

She said that the DOLE is now promoting for sustained and lasting livelihood projects and not those which would just die a natural death because there’s failure in nurturing them in the first place.

“Itong ibinigay name sa Kampo Farmers Association is under the formation phase, meaning it is their first time to avail the livelihood program for their start up business. The moment it is seen that they are able to take care of the assistance extended to them by way of perhaps, expanding it and making it lasting, then there is a big chance for them to avail once again our livelihood program,” she explained.

One of the major considerations for beneficiaries to be able to avail again the DOLE’s Livelihood program, she continued, is that they don’t have any unliquidated funds left.

For their project, the Kampo Farmers Association shelled out over Php300,000.00 as their equity or counterpart.

“Barangay Mayabon is about 28 to 30 kilometres away from Dumaguete City. It’s one of the many far-flung barangays that the DOLE through our Negros Oriental Field Office reached out to in Negros Oriental. This is testament of our advocacy of making the government programs particularly that of the DOLE accessible to the people even to those living in remote areas,” Director Siaton finally said.




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