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Online SEnA now ready: DOLE

Cebu City, Philippines. Concerns and complaints at work can now be dealt with online.

For the safety and protection of the transacting public and the DOLE personnel from the continuing threats of Covid-19, labor disputes can be processed using the online platform.

Dubbed as Online SEnA or e-SEnA, the mechanism will give an aggrieved party an option to file a request for assistance (RFA) online instead of personally visiting the DOLE Office.

“We are now encouraging clients to make use of the digital platform in filing their requests for assistance. If parties involved have the facilities available, then they will also have the choice of having the conferences done online. In that way, face-to-face transactions are limited thereby reducing the risk of exposure to the deadly virus not only for the clients but also for our staff,” said DOLE-7 Regional Director Salome O. Siaton.

The e-SEnA Request for Assistance Form can be accessed at Under the mechanism, requesting parties could fill out the Form online.

“We have designated a focal person who will monitor all RFAs received through the different digital platforms and forward the same to the Field Office or Division for assignment to a Single Entry Approach Desk Officer or SEADO,” she explained.

The new SEnA form can also be accessed at the DOLE-7’s website, Accomplished SEnA forms can still be submitted by the requesting party personally to the DOLE Office or through any other digital means such as facsimile or electronic mail. But considering the threats of the pandemic, Director Siaton said that RFAs submitted online is still highly encouraged. Accomplished SEnA forms, she added, could also be sent to

“As much as possible, we want to limit the number of people coming to the office. Physical contact must be minimized especially during these times when we are still wary and anxious of the virus. Through e-SEnA, others who have the facilities, need not come personally to the Office to file their requests for assistance. And if all parties have the necessary equipment and favorable internet connection, then they can have the conferences done virtually either via FB messenger or zoom or any other video conferencing means,” added the Regional Director.

In case of non-availability of digital platforms or when either or both parties refuse video conferencing or teleconferencing, face-to-face conferences may be allowed.

“Consistent with the need to safeguard and protect the clients and the Single Entry Approach Desk Officers against the virus, certain precautionary measures must be strictly observed in the conduct of face-to-face conferences,” said the Regional Head.

She urged the public to take advantage of the e-SEnA, saying that filing a request for assistance at the DOLE is now made easier for them than it was before.

“All they have to do is type in the browser of their desktop computer or cellular phone the link,,” Director Siaton finally quipped.

Single Entry Approach or SEnA is an administrative approach to provide a speedy, impartial, inexpensive, and accessible settlement procedure of all labor issues or conflicts to prevent them from ripening into full-blown disputes or actual labor cases.




For more information on this report, you may contact LuchelSenarlo-Taniza, Regional Labor Communication Officer at telefax number (032) 266-27292 or you may send an email at





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