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Sarcauga to TIPCs and ITCs: “Let us continue vivifying our councils.”

Cebu City, Philippines. In a gathering of the various Tripartite Industrial Peace Councils (TIPCs) and Industry Tripartite Councils (ITCs), Labor and Employment Regional Director Exequiel R. Sarcauga called on all of them to religiously continue making their councils a sound avenue for settling issues and concerns in their respective sectors. 

The event held on 20 December, dubbed as the ITC-Wide Year-End Performance Assessment (YEPA), registered a significant number of attendees, especially from that of the Board of Trustees (BOTs) of the TIPCs and ITCs in the Region under the umbrella of the Regional Tripartite Industrial Peace Council (RTIPC-7). 

In his message to all participants, Director Sarcauga underscored the contributions made by the different councils in terms of advocating and promoting social dialogue and tripartism

“Every time there are proposals elevated at the Central Office, the questions they always pose before us is whether or not such proposals pass through our own RTIPC, a testament of how vital it is for the ITCs and TIPCs to discuss pertinent issues, concerns, and suggestions for policy directions, together,” he added. 

If there are alarm signals in each sector, he continued, the councils can play a very vital role in addressing concerns and issues before they escalate into full blown disputes. 

“With the councils’ interventions, conflicts can be prevented. And we know very well that with conflicts, no one wins. Everybody is a loser,” he said. 

To the ITC-Maritime, he wished for all involved to be able to finally align themselves with the guidelines set at the International Labor Organization (ILO) Convention. 

“I would encourage, Engineer Vicente Abordo, our Technical Services and Support Division-Labor Relations and Standards Chief, to craft and come up with the 2017 Calendar of Activities for Maritime,” he said, adding that the DOLE-Focal of each TIPC/ITC should likewise come up with an action plan for the whole year. 

The DOLE-7 Head likewise urged the ITC in Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, and Tourism (HRRT) to make sure to contribute to the success of the tourism industry, which is one of the growth drivers in the Region. 

He encouraged the BOTs present to strengthen the conduct of their regular meetings and learning sessions, making each council vibrant, active, and alive. 

On Tripartism and Social Partnership, the ITC-Hospital was established and its Voluntary Code of Good Practices (VCGP) was drafted and signed as well. ITC-Maritime was strengthened with its VCGP drafted at the same time. The VCGP in ITC-Construction was likewise revisited. 

There were thirty-seven (37) Meetings and Learning Sessions conducted among the ten (10) ITCs including that one for the Regional Tripartite Monitoring Board (RTMB), which is one of the sub-committees of the RTIPC. 

On the advocacy on putting an end to ENDO and other forms of abusive employment arrangements, about thirty-two (32) Consultations or Orientations were facilitated with the ITCs/TIPCs and other industries alongside the Consultation on Department Order No. 18-A conducted with the Philippine Association of Legitimate Service Contractors (PALSCON-Cebu). 

The Construction Safety and Health Program Capability Building Training was also conducted among the participants from the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH-7) and from the ITC-Construction. 

According to Director Sarcauga, the RTIPC also played an important role in the drafting of the Philippine Labor and Employment Plan for 2016 to 2022. 

“We also would like to congratulate and commend Mr. Ritti Subing-Subing, Vice Chair for Labor in ITC-Business Process Management, for successfully creating the council’s website,” he added. 

Reminding everyone in attendance of the successful TIPC/ITC Summit conducted in 2015, the Regional Director floated the idea of conducting the same activity in 2017. 

“We cannot sustain industrial peace without the cooperation from the labor and management sectors. I thank all of you for investing time, effort, talent, and sincerity in the noble roles you play in your respective councils. I congratulate you for being able to establish partnership and maintain a robust relationship among yourselves. Thank you for making sure that cooperation and understanding among industries in the region continues to exist,” he finally said. 


For more information on this report, you may contact Luchel S. Taniza- Regional Labor Communication Officer at telefax number (032) 266-2792 or you may send an email at

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