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Worker paid 2 Million because of DOLE’s SEnA

Cebu City, Philippines.Unlawfully separated worker, who used to be affiliated with a prominent cosmetics company received Two Million Pesos in settlement amount under the Department of Labor and Employment’s Single Entry Approach (SEnA) program. 

Ms. Deborah B. Kintanar, who had been with the company for twenty-seven (27) years was allegedly dismissed from work due to low performance. Elated by the outcome of the conferences facilitated by the DOLE right after she filed for a Request for Assistance (RFA), she said: 

“Kung wala pa angSEnAsa DOLE ngamaoyhinungdannganagka-settle mi saakongkanhigitrabaho-an, masakitnagyuduntakosakaguol,” utteredKintanar on a phone interview yesterday when asked how she had been after settlement was reached on the RFA she lodged at the Department. 

After the series of three (3) mandatory conferences, she and management mutually agreed that the amount of Two Million Pesos would be the appropriate amount to cover her salary from October to December 2017, her thirteenth month pay and separation pay for a period of 27 years. 

Under SEnA, conciliation-mediation is the process of dispute management used by the SEADO to effect amicable settlement between the requesting party and responding party. 

According to Ms. Elisa O. Mojana, assigned Single Entry Desk Officer (SEADO), the original stand of the company was that they were not obliged to pay Kintanar with separation pay since she was dismissed from work with just cause and that there was due process accorded to her. 

“Being the SEADO, I tried my best to explain to both parties regarding the possible consequences if they would not meet on a common ground and would opt instead to elevate the RFA to the next level, which is the filing of cases.Proposals and options were offered toward mutually acceptable solutions and I’m glad that both of them were amenable to what had been suggested,” she said. 

Asked on her reaction regarding the turn of events upon the DOLE’s intervention, Kintanar gushed with joy by saying “Happy kaayokokaywala nay samok. Nagkasinabtanay mi ugtarongsaakong former employer. Nabayranko. Bilibkaayokoni Mam Lisa. Iyagyudnganapasabotugmaayoang management. Lipaykaayoko.” 

DOLE-7 OIC-Regional Director Cyril L. Ticao enthused over the way the conferences conducted turned out and lauded Ms. Mojana for a job well done. 

“Settlement of labor disputes is the primordial objective of SEnA. Before an RFA is elevated to the next level, the SEADO assigned, should be able to exhaust all possible ways and means to effect a settlement agreement between parties involved,” said the DOLE-7 Head. 

He added that the DOLE is now strengthening its pool of SEADOs to be able to accommodate effectively the increasing number of RFAs received by the Department. 

SEnA provides speedy, impartial, inexpensive and accessible settlement procedure of all labor issues or conflicts to prevent them from ripening into full-blown disputes.



For more information on this report, you may contact LuchelSenarlo-Taniza, Regional Labor Communication Officer at telefax number (032) 266-2792 or you may send an email at

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