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News for the year 2018
Title Date
Employers told: pay the workers with 13th month pay2018-12-05
Employers urged to observe pay rules on December 82018-12-04
Livelihood starter kits released in Siquijor2018-11-27
Academe capacitated by DOLE in Negros Oriental2018-11-22
Close to half million pesos given to street vendors in Negros Oriental2018-11-21
Region-7 wins in the 2018 national business plan competition2018-11-15
Seafarer kidnapped in Nigeria now home safe in Balamban, Cebu2018-11-08
Search for Best HR practices in Bohol launched2018-11-06
Illegal recruiter entrapped now detained2018-10-23
Cebuano makes it to the 2018 business plan competition finals2018-10-22
Emergency employment for the City of Naga landslide victims, on-going2018-10-18
Model OFW families declared, off to national search2018-10-11
ISO 9001:2015 certification, another feat for DOLE-72018-10-10
One Million Pesos-worth laundry shop business given to a women’s group2018-10-09
Family day celeb, the DOLE RCC-7 way2018-10-01
Emergency employment underway for the landslide victims in the City of Naga2018-09-27
Best PESOs in Region-7 to compete in the national search2018-09-25
Fishermen in Toledo City, Cebu receive fishing boats from DOLE2018-09-25
Bakeshop saleslady claims over 200-K due to DOLE’s inspection2018-09-18
300 plus workers in Bohol receive 3.2-M from DOLE2018-09-13
Burger shop crew paid by company thru DOLE’s intervention2018-09-06
Application for minimum wage exemption due on Nov. 12018-09-04
100 farmers in Bayawan City, Negros Oriental receive aid from DOLE2018-08-30
Cañete to companies in Negros Oriental2018-08-24
Pay rules to observe for August 212018-08-17
Labor advisory no.12 series of 20182018-08-17
DOLE-7 welcomes new leadership2018-08-13
Rural workers in San Remegio, Cebu receive 1.3-M aid from DOLE2018-08-13
6.5-M in financial assistance released to Madridejos, Cebu2018-08-13
Marawi victim, newest government intern of DOLE2018-08-07
10.2-M paid to underemployed workers from 28 barangays in Cebu City2018-08-06
DOLE to employers: obey new wage rates in Central Visayas2018-07-26
800-K plus in livelihood assistance given to tricycle drivers in Danao City2018-07-26
Security guard stabbed on duty receive aid from ECC2018-07-19
Distressed women-OFWs to receive aid from DOLE-NRCO2018-07-18
Underemployed workers in Mandue City, Cebu receive emergency employment from DOLE2018-07-18
Security agency pay 3.4-Million to security guards2018-07-16
TIPC-Negros Oriental revives Labor Tripartite Council in Education 2018-07-11
Financial Aid granted to coop members2018-07-11
Work stoppage continues at CTU’s building demolition: DOLE2018-07-10
DOLE-7 dialogues with Muslim communities in Cebu2018-07-09
Water supplier in Carmen, Cebu issued stoppage order by DOLE2018-05-10
Domestic helper-turned teacher receives teaching aid from Pres. DU30 on Labor Day2018-05-04
9.3-M in livelihood assistance released on Labor Day in Cebu City2018-05-03
Operation tuli on Labor Day; a success 2018-05-03
President Duterte to grace Labor Day celebration in Cebu2018-04-30
CV’s Labor Day job fair: 17,966 positions up for grabs2018-04-25
Construction workers get monetary claims because of SEnA2018-04-16
Senior citizen latest beneficiary of DOLE-ECC’s prosthesis2018-04-16
DOLE RO-VII has a new director2018-04-12
Poultry farm construction owner to face DOLE2018-04-11
Paid internship for youngsters2018-04-11
DOLE-NRCO offers livelihood kits to ex-OFWs2018-04-10
Former OFWs now into business2018-04-03
Marathon public hearings on wage hike petitions set2018-04-02
1-K plus workers to benefit DOLE’s 6.8-M livelihood assistance2018-03-22
Drivers and conductors in Carmen, Cebu given hope2018-03-22
DOLE stops commercial building project2018-03-21
DOLE and OBO together in safety and health watch2018-03-20
5-M worth of motorized fishing boats and fishing implements distributed in Tayasan, Negros Oriental2018-03-20
DOLE to check bunkhouses2018-03-19
Top performing PESOs and Managers honored2018-03-15
1st FWC Federation created in CV2018-03-14
Building construction halted by DOLE2018-03-05
Sightings of child laborers in Bogo and Medellin to be checked2018-02-27
7.5-M in livelihood assistance released in Toledo City2018-02-26
Convergence among various sectors aims compliance to labor laws2018-02-26
From just “inday” to engineer inday2018-02-21
DOLE’s social partners to start inspection today2018-02-15
No OFW to be deployed to Kuwait: DOLE2018-02-14
Pay rules for February 16 and 252018-02-13
For opening a DOLE Clinic in Naga City, Cebu Provincial Board commends DOLE2018-02-05
Students eye business boom after given livelihood assistance by DOLE2018-02-02
PESOs, DOLE to hold job fairs2018-01-30
OFWs served at one-stop shop balloons to more than 80-K in 20172018-01-25
Worker paid 2 Million because of DOLE’s SEnA2018-01-24
Born with no hands, student continues schooling because of SPES2018-01-24
DOLE-OWWA inks agreement with Cebu Province on the creation of an OFW Help Desk2018-01-23
Teacher-OFWs finally home now employed in public schools in CV2018-01-04
10.5-M in salaries released to underemployed workers2018-01-04
Orphans receive gifts from DOLE and LTCE2018-01-02
DOLE programs info caravan done in Bohol2018-01-01
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