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News for the year 2016
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Through SEnA, 1.6-M awarded to beach resort workers within 2 days2016-05-19
SPES slots available for students - Sarcauga2016-05-17
Bridal shop lady workers given labor standard claims, retain employment with DOLE’s intervention2016-05-11
DOLE releases livelihood grants in Siquijor; Baldoz meets beneficiaries2016-05-05
221 youth in Region-7 graduate JobStart’s life skills training2016-05-05
2 directors turn-over NIR, Baldoz witnesses event 2016-05-04
Teacher-OFW, now Sa Pinas-beneficiary thanks Pnoy2016-05-03
Livelihood beneficiaries of DOLE showcase products at Informal Sector’s Livelihood Fair2016-05-02
Labor Day job fairs produce 306 HOTS, accomplishment rate at 27.10%2016-05-02
Spotlight at workers during labor day celebration2016-05-02
Baldoz leads DOLE celebrate pre-labor day in Cebu; Pnoy graces event2016-05-01
Be the #1 choice in the country Restaurant and resort owners in Siquijor challenged by Baldoz2016-05-01
Special activities in store for workers on Labor Day—Sarcauga 2016-04-26
DOLE Region 7 kicks off Labor Day celebration with grand Mandaue City Job and Career Fair2016-04-26
JobStarters in Bohol now into life skills training2016-04-20
Region 7 to hold 4 job fairs on Labor Day2016-04-19
Leading food manufacturing company granted CoC by DOLE, vowed enforcing labor laws2016-04-18
Condominium painting works suspended by DOLE2016-04-18
15.3-M in monetary benefits awarded to workers through SEnA2016-04-18
Baldoz meets ECC’s first prosthesis beneficiary for 20162016-04-14
Special activities in store for workers on Labor Day2016-04-14
DOLE’s SEnA services enhanced, SEADOs sent to skills enhancement2016-04-14
Baldoz awards certs to deserving establishments and accreditation of safety practitioners2016-04-13
Consultation with various sectors takes place as DOLE finalizes labor and employment plan2016-04-13
DOLE stops construction work of school building2016-03-29
659 workers benefit 34.9-M through SEnA2016-03-28
Hotel construction project stopped by DOLE2016-03-28
Livelihood assistance to undocumented OFWs2016-03-15
IRR of Amended PESO Act undergoes final review2016-03-14
SRO-CARP launched in Siaton, Negros Oriental2016-03-14
2,045 vacancies up for grabs at a school job fair2016-03-10
Amlan farmers receive alternative livelihood2016-03-09
Students and micro-entrepreneurs given business planning seminar2016-03-09
DOLE lauded by Bohol provincial government2016-03-07
Baldoz urges DOLE-7: support and attend ladies’ conference2016-03-06
Labor education conducted at a Danao-based factory2016-03-04
DOLE’s livelihood assistance is fast and accessible,bared women’s association to Baldoz in her v2016-03-02
Baldoz witnesses signing of DOLE’s NSRP MOU in Bohol; employers’ JobStart pledges reach 5002016-03-02
More than 2,000 students in Bohol benefit DOLE’s LEGS2016-02-26
DOLE-7 lauded PESO managers for contributions made2016-02-26
SPES implementers capacitated by DOLE;Beneficiaries reached almost 19,000 in 20152016-02-26
SPES implementers capacitated by DOLE; Beneficiaries reached almost 19,000 in 2015 2016-02-26
387 workers benefit 20.1-M in monetary benefits under DOLE’s SEnA2016-02-22
Bohol-TIPC member-establishments capacitated, some awarded with COC2016-02-22
DOLE’s 1.7-M livelihood assistance benefits vulnerable workers in Zamboanguita2016-02-17
Cab drivers and operators empowered, given alternative livelihood by DOLE2016-02-16
Local hog raisers in Negros Oriental received 850-K worth of livelihood assistance from DOLE2016-02-11
DOLE’s contributions to the academe recognized by DepEd2016-02-04
With DOLE’s intervention, siomai service crew retains job, benefits labor standard claims2016-02-04
DOLE Nego-Kart releases 850-K, benefits 54 vendors in Mabinay, Negros Oriental2016-02-01
Dorm construction project issued stoppage order by DOLE2016-01-27
DOLE in full force during necro service of ALU founder,Baldoz and 4 former DOLE Secs grace the event2016-01-25
1.7M in grants released by DOLE parents of former child laborers in Northern Cebu benefit the assist2016-01-23
LGU-Dumaguete City at full throttle for JobStart Philippines, receives computer units from DOLE2016-01-22
Shipping and Lighterage Company enrolls in DOLE’s Kapatiran program, subcontractors sign MOU2016-01-22
DOLE’s SEnA performance leapfrogs to 400-M in 2015 from 36-M in 20142016-01-21
Teacher-OFWs receive 70K worth of teaching kits from DOLE NRCO,6 now deployed in designated schools2016-01-15
DMDP’s local job fair produced 134 HOTS in December 20152016-01-14
Former child laborers helped by DOLE, now enjoy better lives2016-01-11
In its fight against human trafficking and illegal recruitment,DOLE rescues 3 girls bound for Manila2016-01-05
Showroom construction project stopped by DOLE2016-01-04
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