Christmas is a time to express the 3 words, thank you, im sorry and please to all DOLE 7 staff. THANK YOU all for the sacrifices and commitment u have given to Public Service. May your efforts be rewarded with all the blessings from above for u and family. SORRY, for all the discomforts that I may have caused you. Much as i would want the office to stay relaxed and enjoyable, giving you all the office amenities and activities you could enjoy and love, we have targets and deadlines to meet that my job entails pushing, reminding and disciplining starting with my own self until we become the best version of us. PLEASE do continue to see the value of each of you as a person, where 1 sheep lost will cause us to leave the rest of the 99 in search of that one (our PBB lost too. Hehehe). As Mother Teresa said, “I maybe nothing more than a drop in the ocean, but if the drop were not there, the ocean would be less”.May each of us in DOLE 7, insignificant and small drops we may be, create ripples and give insurmountable good effects to the poor, the disadvantaged and the least of our brothers and sisters. Our work as Public Servants may not be easy and may entail sacrifices as we serve with Public Interest OVER and ABOVE personal interest but let us be inspired that such act of sacrifice is never wasted, for the good that we do already is a REWARD. MERRY CHRISTMAS! (Dir. Lilia A. Estillore)