Technical and Advisory Visit (TAV)

Construction Safety and Health Program

    • Application Form – Simplified Construction Safety and Health Program
    • Documentary Requirements and Format of Simplified CSHP
    • Application Form – Comprehensive CSHP
    • Documentary Requirements and Format of Comprehensive CSHP
    • Simplified CSHP Template
    • Comprehensive CSHP Template

Establishment Report Forms

    • Establishment Report Form (RKS Form 5 2020)
    • Establishment Return to Work Establishment Report Form
    • Work Accident/Injury Report Form

Occupational Safety and Health

    • Registration of Establishment Under Rule 1020 (Form)
    • Work Accident/Injury Report Form
    • Annual Medical Report Form
    • Application for Boiler/ Pressure Vessel Installation
    • Application for Internal Combustion Installation
    • Application for Elevator Manlift Dumbwaiter Installation
    • Report of Safety Organization Form
    • Application Form for Accreditation, OSH Practitioner, Consultant
    • OSH Program Template
    • Annual Work Accident / Illness Exposure Data Report

New OSH Templates

    • Alcohol-free Workplace Policy & Program
    • Drug-free Workplace Policy & Program
    • Hepatitis B Workplace Policy & Program
    • HIV AIDS Workplace Policy & Program
    • Sexual Harassment Workplace Policy & Program
    • Smoke-free Workplace Policy & Program
    • TB Workplace Policy & Program

Registration of Contractor and Sub-Contractors Under D.O. 174


    • Local Chapter
      • Application Form
      • Compliance Form
    • Collective Bargaining Agreement
      • Application Form
      • Compliance Form
    • Independent Union
      • Application Form
      • Compliance Form
    • Workers’ Association
      • Application Form
      • Compliance Form

Employment Promotion and Workers’ Welfare (EPWW)

Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES)

    • SPES Application Form

Alien Employment Permit (AEP)

    • AEP Checklist of Requirements
    • AEP Application Form
    • AEP Establishment Report Form
    • Application Form for Certificate of Exclusion
    • Application Form for Certificate of Exemption
    • Consent Letter of AEP Advisory No. 04-21
    • 221-A Application Form (New)
    • 221-A Application Form (Renewal)
    • 221-A Affidavit of Undertaking (Template)
    • 221-A Report form for Accredited Agents
    • AEP Cancellation Form

Livelihood Programs for Informal Sector Workers

    • Beneficiary Profile (Form)
    • Request for DOLE Accreditation (Pro-forma letter)
    • Checklist of Requirements for DOLE Accreditation
    • Application for Livelihood Project (WIN-AP Formal Sector)

Private Employment Agency (PEA)

    • PEA Checklist of Requirements
      • Revised PEA Checklist
      • PEA Checklist (For Branch Office)
      • Checklist for Authority to Recruit
      • Refund of Cashbonds
    • PEA Application Form
    • PEA Monthly Recruitment and Placement Reporting Form

Working Child’s Permit (WCP)

    • WCP Application Form (WCP Form No. 1)
    • Notice of Employment for Spot Extras (WCP Form No. 2)
    • Report on Employment on Spot Extras (WCP Form No. 3)
    • Clearance Form (WCP Form No.4)
    • Checklist of Requirements
    • Working Child Permit Codes