“KAHAPON, NGAYON AT SA HABANG PANAHON ANG DOLE KAAGAPAY SA PAGBABANGON!  Bangon! Dance and Celebrate!  Today, is a special day, a holiday of obligation in honor of the Immaculate Heart of Mary that we started this day with a Thanksgiving Mass.  We just had the first Advent Recollection in 3 batches (December 5 to 7, 2022) with the theme, “Washing the Customers’ Feet.” We hope that the self- awareness sessions that make us see our strengths and weaknesses will make us better versions of public servants, knowing that our customers are the least, the lost and the last, relying on us to give the best DOLE services.

It is on this special day that the Department of Labor was founded and we should be proud to be part of the celebration of its 89th DOLE Anniversary.

“Habang Panahon” is symbolized by the Children’s Party, an event which our late colleague, Bekay Tesorio used to handle but has stopped after she passed away.  Today, we want not only to bring back such celebration but to make it more enjoyable thru the Search for DOLE 7 Prince and Princess. DOLE will continue to always serve even to the next generation, our future, our inspiration.  Let us not forget that DOLE has produced among us, our children who are now professionals –  lawyers, engineers, nurses teachers and the like thru the salaries we received from DOLE, the fruits of our Labor.

We ask of you therefore, that as our candidates for Prince and Princess make their rounds, dancing with their baskets and go near you, that you put in affordable amount for your favorite candidates that you find cutest and those whom you would want to take the crowns.

We do the same Search for DOLE 7 King and Queen for our own employees this afternoon, to symbolize “NGAYON!”  Now serving our beneficiaries are you who are all here!  You are today’s gift!  Among you we will search for the two who will take the crown.  As they will showcase their talents and make their rounds before you, prepare some amount you can afford (of course you need not go to GSIS to apply for loan)  so your favorite candidate will win.  A third of the collections will go the winners, another third to the Union for special assistance projects and another third to raffles and prizes for games.

“KAHAPON” is displayed by the Testimonial lunch that we give to our invited former DOLE Employees, Ms. Lani Gador who left DOLE as she went to US when she married a Richard Geere look alike,  our former labor inspector,  now RTC Judge Jocelyn Regencia and Judy Alumbro who just retired from service and who just arrived from her tour in US.  Many of you may not have known them, but they are foundations to DOLE 7 and will always be part of DOLE Family.

Christmas Carols contest today will be judged by them.  Surely, they will be real judges so the deserving winners will get 1 thousand for the 3rd place, 2 thousand for the 2nd place and 3 thousand for the winner!

Christmas Theme and Christmas Décor contest will be posted on our Facebook Live so those that have more “likes” by December 15, 2022 will win and will be proclaimed during our PRAISE Awards on December 16, 2022.

Our Chiefs, ARD Manny and I have sponsored for today’s celebration and our coming Christmas Party.  We wish you all Happiness!  Proud to be in DOLE, Let us all celebrate and shout our Chant together!


 H A P P Y – happy Anniversary DOLE!